Our Mission

To enrich the life of newcomers and assist in their successful integration into Canadian society through the provision of specialized language, employment and cultural training. To improve interpersonal and inter-organizational communication in a diverse society and create a stronger awareness of other cultures then one’s own.

Our Values

MOSAIC engage firmly believes in the following 5 principles of service delivery:

  1. Client Centred — We listen to our clients, and craft our programming to meet their needs.

  2. Inclusive —  We seek to create a welcoming and safe community for all of the Clients we serve.

  3. Integrity — We always follow through on our commitments.

  4. Innovative — We are constantly adapting and changing to the needs of our community.

  5. Quality oriented— We strive to maintain best practices in all services that we provide.

Meet our MOSAIC engage Team


Matthew Levan

Matthew has over ten years of experience working in the ESL field. He believes firmly in a community based and student centred classroom experience. He is dedicated to helping you develop your English and find your home here in Vancouver. His door is always open to students who have questions, concerns or challenges. He looks forward to working with you.


Matthias Klenk
( Co-Manager)

Matthias began his career at the University of Bielefeld (Germany) where he managed the media communication and strategy for the student body for two years and was a strategic motor for the success of its campaigns. He lived many years in Mexico, where he taught German and English. He is now the Business Manager (Marketing) at MOSAIC engage which includes Intercultural, Diversity & Inclusion training. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies and a PhD in Communication Studies. He loves martial arts, films, good food and nature.


Alisha Towers
(Lead Client Advisor)

Alisha has over 10 years of administrative work experience in public post-secondary institutes such as UBC and SFU. She came to MOSAIC after deciding that her passion was in supporting newcomers and visitors to Canada achieve their educational goals. She has a passion for helping others, traveling and learning about new cultures.

Client service philosophy: To embody kindness, and deliver impeccable customer service with a genuine smile to all of our past, current and future clients.


Farkhonda Rajabe
(Client Advisor)

Farkhonda Rajabe has over 10 year of experience working with national and international organizations for women rights and peace building process back in her country. She recently joined MOSAIC as a newcomer to Canadian society herself, and has since found that working at MOSAIC and helping students is both a professional and personal interest.


Ning Zhang
(Client Advisor)

Ning has one year outreach and student support working experience in non-profit organization and seven years of working experience in family and childcare services in BC. Ning has background in Early Childhood Education and Intercultural Education, and she is also in the middle of her Social Work study. Ning is passionate to assist and support students with diverse background and aim to provide services with a great sense of inclusiveness and cultural sensitivity.