Congrats On our May 2019 Scholarship Winners!!

Congrats to Joanne, Nuishi, Kimmie and Olga

Congrats to Joanne, Nuishi, Kimmie and Olga

The excitement was in the air last Thursday May 23rd at 12:20pm. Our student community had gathered 10 minutes early in our MOSAIC engage classroom. Many more joined us through our Facebook live video. They came not because they were good students:) No, they came for one of the fun events we love to hold for our wonderful students.

Every semester we do a bigggg Early Bird draw/lottery! All of those students who signed up at least a week before classes start get entered into this draw. The prize? A full scholarship for one MOSAIC engage English class. We value the prize at the full price of one of our afternoon classes which is $792. This means if a student from our cheaper evening classes wins, as happened last semester with our lucky student Damian, they get a course and a half for free!

We do this for two reasons. Firstly, obviously it helps us plan our semester better if we have students signing up early for class. But secondly, and more importantly we want to give back to our amazing students for staying loyal to our program and working so hard in our classes. We are constantly striving to create a welcoming and inclusive community, but we cannot do it without the kindness and compassion of our amazing student body. This is our small way of saying thank you!

As the minutes ticked by the excitement grew. The ballot boxes were brought out. So that everyone had a chance to win something we had 3 $50 dollar scholarships for everyone in the room. The first name was drawn. Congrats to Joanne from the Advanced class! She has been with us since last September! The second name: Congrats to Olga from the Advanced class! And last but not least another name Nuishi from our morning Conversation Class! Congratulations to the three of you we could not have picked 3 better students!

The moment of truth arrived. The big prize: $792! Always helpful Joanne volunteered to pick the name. And the winner was: Kimmie from our Beginner Class! The applause was huge and Kimmie screamed! We are so happy that it was Kimmie that won as she has been such an amazing student since she started with us in January. She is always happy and ready to learn. She is always helping other students when they don’t understand something. To show how generous this amazing woman is, when she learned that she won she went down to Starbuck’s and bought coffee for her entire class! It is a privilege to work with such kind, friendly and amazing human beings. Congrats Kimmie!

Another semester and another fun scholarship draw. For all of you new students you have 6 more days to register enter in the draw for the current semester. Everyone who signs up before May 31st for our June to August semester gets entered into this draw. Good luck everyone!