End Of Summer DISCOUNT!

Hello all,

We are really excited to get started on our Fall Semester starting on September 3rd! To say goodbye to the summer we are putting on a End of Summer Discount. A 10% discount on all classes at all our locations!!

Offer ends on September 2nd!

How can you register for MOSAIC engage English Classes next week?

  1. In-person at our MOSAIC engage Offices:

    Vancouver: 206-2555 Commercial Drive

    Days: Monday to Thursday

    Times: 11:30am-4:00pm  or  

        5:00pm - 8:30pm 

    Phone: 604-708-3905


     Surrey: 200 - 7134 King George Blvd 

      Days: Mon, Wed, and Thurs.

      Times: Monday August 26th 11:00-2:00

    Wednesday August 28th 9:00-4:30pm

    September 4th and onward Mon, Wed, Thurs 5:00-8:30

       Phone: (778) 591-9334


Register Online at: https://mosaicbc.asapconnected.com/

Why take MOSAIC engage English Classes?

English through your NEEDS

We listen to you and create a class that meets your unique English Language Needs.

English through Community

Make friends from around the world! Our curriculum is based around group and pair work so you have lots of opportunities to practice your English with your friendly classmates. In addition we have weekly Potluck parties, a volunteer leadership program where advanced learners can help the community, and a tutoring program where beginner students get extra one-on-one support.

English for the REAL World

You learn for your real Life! Our curriculum is based around real world themes. So you learn something in the classroom one day and can use it in your world the next day!

Who can take MOSAIC engage English Classes?

All categories of newcomers are eligible for our classes regardless of immigration status. Everyone is welcome at MOSAIC engage.

Where are MOSAIC engage English Classes?

We have three convenient locations at Commercial Broadway (206-2555 Commercial Drive) in Brentwood (1899 Willingdon Ave #101 ) and in Newton Surrey (200 - 7134 King George Blvd)

When are MOSAIC engage English Classes?

As we said next semester starts September 3rd! Sign up now for the discount. Classes run 12 months a year. Morning, afternoon, and evening options available.

Come Learn with us!!

Matthew Levan