Diversity is an economic issue!

Diversity is an economic issue!


Create the workplace of the future

Welcome on our exclusive corporate services page. MOSAIC engage Corporate Services is your partner in recruiting, hiring, managing, and maximizing the potential that a diverse and multicultual workforce has to offer.

Types of trainings:

  • Half or full day workshops (from 2 to 7 hours)

  • Lunch’n Learns

  • Online Training

  • Webinars

  • Consultations

Training and services modules:

  • Introductory workshops (Intercultural fluency, diversity & inclusion, unconscious bias)

  • Customized workshops

  • Workshops on diversity strategies

  • Inclusive (intercultural) leadership training

  • Intercultural Coach (consulting and conflict resolution)

  • Cultural Briefings

Training content:

  • SEEDS model of bias

  • Growth versus fixed mindset

  • Intercultural Framework

  • Cultural humility

  • Cultural Dimensions/ Orientations

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Inclusive Workplace

  • LGBTQ+ workshops

  • and much more

Workplace advantage program

Is your workers’ English level a challenge to communication? MOSAIC engage offers English classes brought to you. If you have employees who need to improve their English language skills, we send our certified and experienced English teachers to your facility to train them. We have several training modules that will meet the unique needs of your workforce

Training and services modules:

  • English for Construction

  • English for Health and Safety

  • Professional English Correspondence

  • English for International Tourism

  • English for Conflict Resolution and Workplace behavior

  • English for IT

  • English for Nursing

Community Partner Program

If you do not have the space for customized on-site lessons and you are able to refer a minimum of 10 students, you would become eligible to join our Community Partner Program.  As a community partner your employees would receive:

  • Priority space within our current English classes offered at 3 campuses in: Brentwood, Commercial Broadway and Newton Surrey.

  • Monthly reports on your employees progress and language development

  • 10% discounts on all courses.


Outcome: A better flow of communication between management and team.  Increased confidence and job performance from newly empowered workers. 

For more information about the “Diversity Dividend” and why a diverse workforce is an economic benefit please follow the link.


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