Linda Davies

It's wonderful to be a part of the team at MOSAIC as Manager of the Vancouver Language Centres. My IC journey is ongoing -- learning more about intercultural fluency, inclusion & diversity training, through my Intercultural Specialist certification from Norquest College (2015, Edmonton), and the ICID workshops that I facilitate. We learn so much together! I also hold an MA in TESOL Teacher Ed (2014, Manchester), focused on exploring the efficacy of self-reflective performance evaluations (SRPEs). I am deeply interested in intercultural competency and look forward to honing our skills, knowledge and attitudes as we work together through the online materials and participate in the workshop, and share our work experiences in the online forum. In my free time, I love to be in or on the ocean in the summer -- swimming/sailing, exploring the expansive blue, or cross-country skiing in the winter, exploring new trails. 

Matthias Klenk