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MOSAIC’s Intercultural Training and Diversity & Inclusion Training is a structured approach to building awareness and understanding of different cultural behaviours. It helps your business or organization create an environment where people of diverse cultures and backgrounds work together more easily and effectively.

MOSAIC’s Intercultural, Diversity and Inclusion training will give you the theory, tools and practice you need to confidently navigate difference and to optimize relationships with others.

Over 1000 people have successfully completed our Intercultural, Diversity and Inclusion Training.



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What is Intercultural Training?

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What is Intercultural Training?

We are surrounded by people who look, speak, think or feel differently than we do. Differences exist on many levels, including cultural and personal. Sometimes, these differences get in the way of our daily interactions, though we may not even realize it. This can cause situations of misunderstanding at the workplace.

Intercultural, Diversity and Inclusion Training helps to explain behaviours that appear unfamiliar, surprising or upsetting. It helps us develop strategies to move forward when confronted with values and behaviours that are different to our own instead of responding reactively.

Intercultural Fluency helps us cultivate genuine respect for others and grows our ability to work with people from different cultures.



Our Former Clients


Meet Our Facilitator Team




The Intercultural, Diversity & Inclusion Training (IDIT) Department at MOSAIC provides a full range of Training and Consulting services provided by our certified and trained team of experienced facilitators.

At the moment, MOSAIC engage is also developing an Intercultural and Diversity Benchmark to support organizations and companies in measuring the effectiveness of their diversity & inclusion strategies. The MOSAIC Intercultural & Diversity Benchmark (MDIB) will be released soon and will be a free service that MOSAIC engage provides to the community.



Our Courses & Workshops

Standard Workshops

Focus on Intercultural Fluency

Focus Intercultural Fluency is an introductory workshop where participants, without prior Intercultural training learn the basic concepts. They will acquire knowledge on how to better navigate situations where Intercultural skills are needed. It helps participants to be more aware of themselves and other cultural backgrounds and provides strategies how to deal with intercultural situations.

Focus on Diversity & Inclusion

Focus Diversity & Inclusion deals with the question of how to achieve a better connection with each other. Our Diversity & Inclusion workshop allows participants to be more aware of themselves and others. It provides participants with strategies on how to navigate situations involving diversity at the workplace, in their personal life, or within the community. At the same time, participants learn strategies to be more inclusive.

Focus on Unconscious Bias

This workshop deals with the world of implicit and explicit bias. Participants will learn to be more aware of assumptions, thought patterns, and micro-inequities. It helps organizations create strategies to prevent these ‘mind bugs’ in order to unlock the talent needed to thrive in the global economy.

Specialized Courses

Inclusive Leadership

We help and provide insight to your leadership team on how to work with a diverse team and maximize their potential. According to many studies, a well-managed diverse team increases the productivity, creativity and efficiency of a business by around 100 %. Our training for leaders will help you to get the whole potential out of your staff.

Intercultural Fluency and Diversity

This workshop digs deeper and is specifically made for people who have already taken the introduction course and want to learn more about specific fields and how to integrate them into a diversity strategy.

Customized Services

Intercultural Coach

MOSAIC has over 40 years of experience working with newcomers from around the world and with a diverse staff of 350 ample experience in making diversity an essential element in our success. Our consulting & strategy services supports your organization or company to analysis its diversity and inclusion strategy, how to implement a better intercultural workflow and much more.

Customized Intercultural, Diversity & Inclusion Training

Through a needs assessment and our Benchmark we will provide your organization or company the tailored training you want and need to thrive with a diverse team. We develop specific content, scenarios and activities to get you, your staff, and your organization to the next level.



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