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Congrats On our May 2019 Scholarship Winners!!

Every semester we do a bigggg Early Bird draw/lottery! All of those students who signed up at least a week before classes start get entered into this draw. The prize? A full scholarship for one MOSAIC engage English class. We value the prize at the full price of one of our afternoon classes which is $792. This means if a student from our cheaper evening classes wins, as happened last semester with our lucky student Damian, they get a course and a half for free!

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What’s in a name? MOSAIC engage

Welcome everyone to our new home on the web. We are very excited to use this site to introduce you all to our MOSAIC engage Community!

When we started building this community last year, we had a clear vision of what we wanted to create.  As you can see from our value statement, we knew we wanted to build an inclusive space where people from diverse backgrounds felt welcome to share their stories.

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How to Improve your English: Make Mistakes!

As an English as a Second Language teacher my students always ask me the Golden Question:  How can I improve my English?  I always answer with the easy responses: go to the library, listen to the radio, watch Canadian TV shows etc.  Students are always happy with these answers. 

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